American Backflow Prevention Association
Southern California Chapter

The ABPA Southern California Chapter currently has over 200 members who share an interest in maintaining water quality standards.

Benefits of Chapter membership include a subscription to our newsletter, reduced rates at conferences and seminars and special "member-only" tours. If you're not a member, please consider joining .

The Activities page of our web site has been updated to include photos of various events held in 2012, including two update seminars, the annual Chapter conference and the Backflow Industry Product Fair. Thanks to photographer Henry Chang.


UPDATED 12/16/2014, assembly reported missing in San Bernardino County.
: Backflow prevention assembly theft has become a significant problem in Southern California. Because of the importance of this issue, the ABPA SoCal Chapter has established a section on our web site devoted to publishing reports of missing/stolen backflow prevention assemblies.

Upcoming events include a Backflow Industry Product Fair, tour/field trai and the 21st Annual Conference in 2015, tentatively scheduled for the Long Beach area.



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